What you need to know about your different windows.


Let’s Talk About Windshields: Understanding the Different Windows in Your Car

If you’ve seen one windshield, you’ve seen them all right?! NOPE!! We get that thought process though…you may think that, well, glass is glass. And one window in your car is pretty much the same as any other. The opposite is actually true. The different windshields in your car serve very distinct functions and understanding these differences is part of being a capable motorist. The more you understand about your car, the more you can identify potential problems and deal with them quickly before they become more costly issues. Below we will look at the different windshields in your car and how you can keep them safe.

The Front Windshield.

The Front Windshield is the largest and most important window on your car. It is important to your car from both a safety and structure standpoint. The Front Windshield lends up to 60% of the structural integrity of the car in the event of a collision and is vital in proper airbag deployment. Read more about how your windshield helps keep your loved ones protected.

The Front Windshield is typically made of laminated glass. Laminated glass windshields are strong and uniquely designed to not shatter in the event of a motor-vehicle accident, avoiding flying shards of glass that can further injure any passengers. Having an undamaged laminated glass windshield is of utmost importance to the safety of your car. If you have a chipped or cracked windshield, further damage to this already weakened glass could be life-threatening, which is why we always recommend having your windshield evaluated as soon as you notice any damage, small or large.

The Rear Windshield.

The Rear Windshield is also very important, but is not considered to have the same potential for human impact in the event of an accident. The Rear Windshield is typically made from tempered glass. Although this glass is not quite as strong as laminated glass, it is designed to shatter in pebble-like fragments rather than sharp shards, which lessens the danger of injury to back seat passengers. Of course, no one plans on getting in a car accident, but we should all be prepared to protect our passengers to the best of our ability – and the best way to do that is to keep those windshields in the best shape possible. Oh, and don’t forget to wear your seatbelt too (obviously ☺)

Side Window Glass.

Side Windows increase driver visibility. Like the rear window, your side window is most likely constructed from tempered glass; however, in some cases, it could also be made of more protective laminated glass. Laminated side windows offer more protection in case of an accident, but their extra strength means that they will be harder for emergency services to shatter if needed.
If your side windows are damaged, you have two concerns: 1) Your visibility may be compromised while you drive. 2) Visible cracks on a side window make your car an easy target for thieves and vandals.

The Sunroof.

If you have a damaged sunroof, it will quickly become a problem. Although your visibility will not be affected, the next time you drive while it is raining you may find yourself subject to an unplanned shower! Sustained water leaks can cause costly damage to your car interior. You may find yourself dealing with stained, mildewed seats and discoloured furnishings. So, it is best to get on top of this problem at once.

As you can see above, no matter what type of window, repairing chipped or cracked windshields quickly is very important. You are protecting the safety of yourself and your passengers and protecting your vehicle from further damage.

Where to find Windshield Repair and Windshield Replacement in Arizona.

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