Do It Yourself (DIY) is all the rage right now. Ever since Pinterest became popular, you can literally find DIY directions for almost anything. But when it comes to a chipped or cracked windshield, can you DIY?! Let’s find out!

Auto glass is made up of specially laminated glass, which is composed of a piece of plastic that is sandwiched between two layers of glass. Lots of “science-y” stuff happens and voila – a windshield is formed! (I know, I know – it’s way more complicated than this ). Laminated glass is a much safer option for windshields compared to other tempered glass. If you were to be in a collision and the glass broke, the pieces may shatter but it sticks to the inner plastic layer, protecting your loved ones from flying shards of glass.

Windshields are vital to the overall foundation, structure and safety of your vehicle. Having an intact, undamaged windshield without any chips or cracks is obviously ideal to keep this foundation as durable and secure as possible. Unfortunately, there are many ways windshields can be damaged, including road debris, collisions, rocks, poor weather conditions, and poor installation, just to name a few. If such a situation occurs and results in a chipped or cracked windshield, what should you do? Cry? Panic? Swear?

Nope! There’s no need to either cry or panic, but we’ll leave the decision to swear up to you  

The first step is to simply analyze the degree of damage on your windshield. Not every chip requires a windshield replacement. Some chips can be tended to with simple windshield repair. So, this is where the DIY comes in! We don’t want you driving around with a chipped or cracked windshield, but we know that sometimes, with our busy lives, things on our To Do List just don’t get done as fast as we planned. 


It is possible to repair your windshield with the proper tools. This can help keep your windshield in shape until you can get a professional evaluation. The following are the basic steps:

    1. Clean your windshield.
    2. Place a mirror behind the chip to increase the visibility of the damage.
    3. Use something with a pointed edge (ex: needle or pin) to get rid of any remaining shards present within the chip. It is important not to scrape the windshield as this can worsen the windshield damage.
    4. Make a seal with the bridge and ensure a tight seal.
    5. Put drops of resin into the injector (this process will vary based on type of tools and materials in you DIY Windshield Repair Kit.
    6. Using the injector, push the resin into the chipped area. You can use the mirror again during this time to make sure it is filling the chip. Reinject as needed.
    7. Let it dry for 8-10 minutes (again, this part may vary as well).
    8. When it has settled and dried, remove the bridge.
    9. If the finish is not smooth, cover any pits with filler and let it cure.
    10. Carefully scrape off any excess using a razor.

If this process seems simple enough, give it a go the next time you noticed a chipped or cracked windshield. We don’t recommend doing DIY windshield repair for all damage, as some chipped or cracked windshields are severe enough that they need a full windshield replacement. It can, however, act as a “band-aid” in the meantime. We all love DIY, but when it comes to windshields, it’s just a temporary fix.

If your car currently has a “band-aid” windshield repair or any other chips or cracks that are perhaps too large to DIY at home, Auto Glass 2020 is here for you. Think of us as your friendly neighbor whose DIY projects always come out perfect!! Call Auto Glass 2020 today at (480) 283-7751 or get a quote now!