Chipped Windshield Cost for Repair Could Surprise You


How to Find Your Chipped Windshield Costs

You can Get Free Chip Repair for Arizona Auto Glass Repair 

Hi again, neighbors! I wanted to take a few minutes to explain a new feature of our company here at Auto Glass 2020. At Auto Glass 2020, chip repair is a steady service we provide. But there is always some differences in how customers and insurance companies view chips versus cracks in windshield glass. While every person and company is different, there are some reasons to view chips your windshield just as much as a crack.

Top Three Reasons Your Chip Needs Repair:

  1. Chips can lead to cracks. Windshield’s are there for your protection, and you don’t want to allow a small problem to turn into a big problem.
  2. Windshield chips are a nuisance and reduce visibility
  3. Windshield chips can add onto themselves. If you get a couple in bad spots, they can join forces, and create massive cracks. It can become a safety issue


To learn more about our FREE chip repair service, please give our office a call today. We hope you’re having a wonderful 2021 so far!

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