Chipped Windshield? Yeah, Me too. Don’t Make the Same Mistake I did…

It happens to the best of us. It doesn’t matter if you just got your driver’s license. Or, if you’ve been driving around the Valley for years. No one can escape it.

What is this “it” we are talking about? A chipped windshield, of course!

We live in the beautiful state of Arizona 🌵🏜, which is known for many incredible things – you know, like a little thing called The Grand Canyon! But Arizona is also known for having the highest number of auto insurance claims for windshield damage in the United States. Furthermore, Arizona is the number one state for windshield replacements in the US as well. 🤯 Although we know our climate, weather, and desert landscape have a lot to do with these statistics, it doesn’t change the fact that the odds are against us. At some point, we will be driving down the road and BAM! Rock to the windshield. The result? Windshield damage. A brand-new chip on your windshield. What you do next matters. A word to the wise, don’t do what I just did.

It’s just a small Chip. No biggie. 

Let me set the scene. Driving down the 10 on my way to work. Minding my own business. When all of a sudden, I hear it. That unmistakable sound of a piece of gravel to my windshield. Of course, it’s dead center in my line of vision. But it’s just a chip. And it’s a small chip. So even though I know better, I think to myself that maybe I can push getting my windshield repaired a week, maybe even two if I’m lucky. Like all of you, life is busy. And doesn’t it always seem like windshield damage happens at the least opportune time?!

So, I wait

The Chip is larger.

Well, it didn’t even last 24 hours. The very next day, I get in my car to drive to work and my eyes immediately go to the chipped windshield, and wouldn’t you know it, it has already gotten bigger. The chip’s diameter has gotten bigger and it even looks like the depth has grown as well. Hmm, so now I’m thinking to myself, “Well, I probably won’t make it TWO weeks, but maybe I can hold off until this crazy work week is over.”

So, I wait

Darn it. The Chip has turned into a Crack. And it’s a big Crack. 

Well, this time it didn’t even make it 12 hours because on the drive home on that very same day, I saw with my very own eyes as my chipped windshield evolved into a cracked windshield. And not just some tiny crack, one that spans over half the length of my windshield. And if you recall, the chip, although it started of very small, was directly in my line of vision from the very beginning. So now my cracked windshield directly impairs my line of sight when I’m driving. And if you’ve ever driven the network of Arizona highways during rush-hour traffic, you know that having a clear line of sight through your windshield is extremely important to stay safe during your commute.

So, now I stop waitingand call Auto Glass 2020.

Chipped Windshield? 🚘

If you’ve noticed a chipped windshield, even if it’s small, please don’t wait like I did. What could have been a simple windshield repair, ended up being a more costly windshield replacement. Either way, Auto Glass 2020 has your back. We know windshield damage happens when you least expect it, so we offer in-shop windshield replacement or mobile windshield repair services so you don’t have to wait. Whether your windshield damage requires a repair or replacement, we have the BEST technicians who will get your chipped or cracked windshield fixed right, fast, and when it’s convenient to you. Plus, we have the BEST staff who will help guide you through the entire process, including filing a claim with your auto insurance company, so that your windshield repair or replacement is truly a quick, easy, and streamlined process from start to finish. Don’t wait like I did. 📞 Call Auto Glass 2020 TODAY at (480) 283-7751 or get a quote here!