Fun Facts About Windshields (Part 4): Airbag Safety Depends on Windshields.

Did you know that the average vehicle has approximately 30,000 individual parts?! 🤯  The engine alone has thousands of individual parts inside it. If you work in the automotive industry, you may already know this and could possibly even name every single one of these components (you smarty pants you 🤓)! But for the average person, we may only know the names of the larger parts, such as engine, transmission, windshield, tire, airbag…you get the idea.

Some of these vehicle components obviously go hand-in-hand, for example, the fuel injectors and the engine. But some of these connections aren’t quite as obvious.

Windshield + Airbags.

We know that windshields are important. Yes, it blocks the interior car and its passengers from the outside elements, weather, and debris. But windshields have multiple functions that are not quite as well-known as the windshield’s protective barrier function.

Your vehicle’s windshield and auto glass are absolutely vital to the proper deployment of your airbags. And while we all hope that our airbags never have the need to deploy, it’s a safety function that we should not be without when driving our cars on these Arizona roads.

The windshield serves as the backstop for airbags to deploy properly and to direct them towards the occupants of the vehicles, where they are needed the most. If you have windshield damage or if your windshield was not installed properly, it won’t be strong enough to support the airbags as they deploy. An intact and correctly installed windshield is absolutely necessary to allow the windshield to absorb the high impact of airbags. And if the airbag can’t deploy properly, you and your loved ones have a much higher risk sustaining preventable injuries.

Windshield Damage?

Let’s give you a little homework! 📚 It’s easy, I promise!

Go take a look at your windshield and auto glass right now. Not this weekend. Not tomorrow. Today.

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