Fun Facts About Windshields (Part 1): Windshields Were Considered a Luxury Item 🤯

Here at Auto Glass 2020, we love vehicles. All kinds of vehicles. Cars. SUVs, electric vehicles, off-road vehicles, RVs. All of ‘em. And we especially love windshields and auto glass. All kinds of auto glass. The front windshield. Rear windshield. Tinted windshields. Side window glass. Sunroof. All of ‘em. Auto glass is our jam. And while we specialize in windshield repair and windshield replacement, we also love learning about the history of windshields and how they’ve developed to become the modern marvels we know they are today.

We’re starting a new blog series all about fun facts about windshields. So, check in weekly to read up on interesting tidbits of information about windshields. You never know – maybe you’ll be on Jeopardy in the future or be the star of your trivia night team because of the random windshield facts you learn reading our blog!

Windshields were considered a “luxury” item. 🚘

Automobiles were invented in the late 1800s. In fact, the first successful vehicle came out in 1893 at the hands of two gentlemen by the names of Charles Edgar and Frank Duryea. It took about 7 years after this initial rollout before people started to think automobiles could be a viable form of transportation.

In these early days, cars looked much different from those we see on the road today. In fact, the vast majority of automobiles did not come with a windshield at all. Obviously, car speed in these early years was nowhere near the 65 mph speed limits we see on the freeways today, which likely led manufacturers to not prioritize a structural barrier, which we know is just one of the many functions of windshields. So, back in the early 1900s, windshields were strictly considered a luxury item only. Buyers had the option of having a windshield, but this was not standard. And honestly, many people could not afford windshields, so it certainly differentiated who was the wealthiest in the communities. Those who were not as wealthy often opted to wear goggles instead to help protect them from the elements.

This all changed in 1915. Oldsmobile was the first automobile manufacturer in the United States to make windshields a standard part of all vehicles. Other auto manufacturers followed shortly after, and as you know, today windshields are a required piece of safety equipment that comes standard on all vehicles. Thank goodness, right?! I don’t think many people would venture out on the road without a windshield during these crazy dusty monsoon storms we’ve seen this summer in Arizona.

Chipped or Cracked Windshield?

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