Just Got Your Windshield Replaced?

What To Do (And NOT To Do) After Windshield Replacement.

Here at Auto Glass 2020, we talk a lot about windshield replacement. I mean, it’s kinda what we do! But more specifically, we tend to focus on the steps that lead up to needing a windshield replacement:

But what happens after you get your windshield replaced? The first few hours after your windshield replacement are absolutely the most crucial. By following a few simple post-installation “Do’s and Don’ts” outlined below, you will give your brand-new gorgeous windshield a chance to bask in its undamaged glory for as long as possible!

The Do’s After Windshield Replacement.

✅ DO wait to drive the vehicle. Windshield replacement involves an adhesive to not only hold the auto glass in place while it sets, but it also creates a waterproof seal around the edges that is durable enough to hold up to the different environmental elements it will be exposed to – you know, like the crazy monsoon season and hail storms we see here in Arizona!

✅ DO leave a window cracked open. For the first 24-48 hours following your windshield replacement, it is important to leave a window cracked to help equalize the pressure between the interior and exterior of the car so it doesn’t put extra stress on the adhesive seal and cause leaks.

✅ DO keep the area inside and outside the car clear. While the seal is drying, it’s important to make sure an object is not pushing up against it or sticking to it. It’s pretty simple though, just remember no sunshades or car covers for the first 24 hours after your windshield replacement and keep your dashboard clean and clutter-free.

The Don’ts After Windshield Replacement.

❌ DON’T remove the retention tape. Many auto glass techs apply a retention tape to protect and hold the windshield moldings in place while the seal dries. You may be eager to take that tape off to show off your new pristine windshield, but try to fight the urge. And don’t you worry! You only have to leave it on for 1-2 days before showing your new windshield off to the world!

❌ DON’T get your car washed. We know our Arizona roadways are surrounded by desert and dirt and dust and debris. Some drivers could care less if their vehicles are covered in a thick layer of dust and dirt, but others can’t let that stand. Whatever your preference, if you just had your windshield replaced, hold off on utilizing any high-pressure car washes, automatic car washes, or power washers on your vehicle. It won’t be for long – if you can abide by this “Don’t” for two days, your golden! And if you absolutely must clean your car, do it the old-fashioned way: with a bucket of soapy water, a sponge, and some towels. And avoid the windows and windshield!!

❌ DON’T be too hard on your new windshield. Even if you drive a heavy-duty truck or off-road vehicle, take it easy! Avoid slamming your car doors. Avoid driving on bumpy roads. And avoid potholes and construction sites. Easy peasy, right?!

Windshield Damage?

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5️⃣ Follow the Do’s and Don’ts above.

It’s really that simple. 🤗