The ABCs of Windshield Replacement: “C” Stands For Crack (part 1).

We talk a lot about windshield damage here at Auto Glass 2020. I mean, it’s kinda what we do! But there are different types of windshield damage and we want to break it down to the basics. Let’s start with C for Crack.

Cracked Windshield.

Every driver in Arizona has most likely sustained a cracked windshield at some point in time. It seems simple right?! I mean, we all know what a crack is. And if you don’t know…then you definitely need to keep on reading!

In general terms, a crack is a linear break on the surface of something in which a split occurs without breaking into separate parts. But when it comes to a cracked windshield, the characteristics of and the kind of crack makes a difference when it comes to windshield repair or windshield replacement.

Types of Cracks.

  • Short Crack: A cracked windshield that measures 6 inches or less.
  • Long Crack: A cracked windshield that is greater than 6 inches.
  • Edge Crack: A cracked windshield that extends to the edge of the windshield.
  • Floating Crack: A cracked windshield that does not extend to an edge.
  • Stress Crack: A cracked windshield where the crack extends from an edge without any obvious impact point.

Driving around with a Cracked Windshield?

No matter what type of crack you have on your windshield, don’t let it go too long without getting your cracked windshield fixed. The windshield is vital to overall safety of your vehicle and when you have a cracked windshield, the structural integrity of your windshield, and thus your vehicle, is impaired.

So, don’t wait! If you’re looking for windshield replacement in Chandler, Arizona (or really, anywhere in the general Phoenix-Metro area), call Auto Glass 2020 today at (480) 283-7751 or get a quote here! We will make getting your windshield replaced a breeze. Well, at least as breezy as windshield replacement can be! We’ll even come directly to you with our incredible mobile windshield replacement team. It doesn’t get any breezier than that, right?!