Timely Windshield Repair & 2 Reasons Why You Should NOT Procrastinate.

Shout out to all my fellow procrastinators – you know who you are! 👋🏽🙃

There are some things in life where procrastinating is not necessarily a bad thing, and other times, not so much. Part of “adulting” is being able to figure out what can be procrastinated, and what cannot. Sometimes the choice is obvious, and other times, not so much. So, let Auto Glass 2020 help you out with one of these “adulting” choices!

Cracked windshield?

Procrastinate and wait until the windshield damage gets so bad you can’t see through the windshield anymore?


Don’t procrastinate? Get your windshield repair or windshield replacement scheduled as soon as you can?

And the answer is…drum roll…🥁

Don’t procrastinate!

If you’ve ever wondered why windshield damage, and even seemingly small windshield chips and cracks, should be repaired right away, keep on reading!

Windshield Repair & Car Safety.

Repairing chipped and cracked windshields is a topic that might seem small, but packs a big punch when it comes to your vehicle’s safety and aesthetics. Now, you might be thinking, “Come on, it’s just a little crack. How bad can it be?” Well, let us enlighten you on why timely windshield repair is more important than you might realize.

First off, that little crack in your windshield has the potential to turn into a full-blown spider web if left unattended. Picture this: You’re driving down the road, enjoying the breeze, when suddenly, a stray pebble finds its way to your windshield. *CRACK!* There goes your pristine glass. And trust us, it never happens at a convenient time. It’s always when you’re rushing to an important meeting or heading out for a much-needed vacation.

But hey, we get it. Life gets busy, and a small crack in the windshield may not be your top priority. However, what starts as a minor inconvenience can quickly escalate into a major safety hazard. You see, your windshield is more than just a barrier between you and the great outdoors. The windshield functions as an essential part of your vehicle’s structural integrity.

A cracked windshield compromises the strength of your windshield, making it more susceptible to shattering upon impact. Imagine being in a collision and having your weakened windshield crumble like a pack of cards. Not a pleasant scenario, right?

Here’s another thing to consider: your windshield plays a vital role in supporting the deployment of your airbags. In the event of an accident, those airbags pop out faster than a jack-in-the-box. But if your windshield is damaged and can’t withstand the force, it might just give way, reducing the effectiveness of your life-saving airbags. Yikes!

But don’t worry, we’re not here to scare you. We’re here to emphasize the importance of taking swift action when it comes to windshield repair. Getting that crack fixed ASAP not only ensures your safety but also saves you from bigger headaches down the road.

Windshield Repair & Car Aesthetics.

And hey, it’s not just about safety. Let’s talk aesthetics. A cracked windshield can turn your sleek ride into something that resembles a patchwork quilt. You might even get a few strange looks from fellow drivers who wonder if you’ve accidentally stumbled into a hailstorm of golf balls.

Now, we’re all for self-expression, but when it comes to your windshield, let’s leave the artistry to the professionals. Getting that crack repaired not only restores your vehicle’s visual appeal but also prevents the damage from spreading further.

So, the next time you notice a tiny crack staring back at you from your windshield, don’t brush it off like yesterday’s news. Take action, get it fixed, and drive with the peace of mind that comes with knowing you’ve done your part to keep yourself and your passengers safe.

Remember, safety is the ultimate road trip buddy. Keep your windshield intact, and let the adventures roll! If you have a cracked windshield, call Auto Glass 2020 today at (480) 283-7751 or get a quote here. We know being an adult is hard, but Auto Glass 2020 makes this part of “adulting” easy – our mobile windshield replacement team will come directly to you whenever is most convenient! Being an adult isn’t hard when you have Auto Glass 2020 on your side!