Top 3 Tips on Windshield Safety This Thanksgiving.

Thanksgiving is just around the corner and everyone at Auto Glass 2020 is getting ready! 🦃🥳 We’re excited to get our stretchy pants on and eat WAY more than we probably should 😋. And then after a nice long nap 😴, go for round two! But the best thing about Thanksgiving is being able to surround yourself with family and friends and focus on all there is to be thankful this time of year. 👨‍👩‍👧‍👦 🤗

For some, being able to spend Thanksgiving with family and friends means some travel is involved. 🚘✈️🚂🚢 And we all know how holiday travel can be, especially when you’re driving. Long. Stressful. Full of traffic jams. Did we say long yet?! And in some instances, sprinkled with some unforeseen car problems, including windshield damage.

If you’re planning on road tripping it somewhere this Thanksgiving, keep on reading for the Top 3 Tips on Windshield Safety while traveling over Thanksgiving weekend.

Tip #1. Plan your departure in advance. 🗓🚙

When it comes to road trips, some people are spontaneous and leave whenever it feels right. But to avoid some extremely heavy traffic on one of the most popular travel times in the United States, try to get on the road as early as you can.

There’s one caveat, however. If you leave before the sun is up in the Fall, you might have frost on the windows or the exterior windshield may be so cold that it’ll fog up as soon as you start the car. If this happens, take a few extra minutes to start your vehicle early and run the defroster. Making sure to defog your windshield and allow the temperature to adjust to avoid any potential windshield damage. 

Tip #2. Be careful where you park. ⚠️🅿️

When you pull up to your Thanksgiving host’s house, there may already be a lot of cars parked. The driveway may be full. The side yard may already have a car or two squeezed in. And the street in front of the house may already be lined with cars as well. The likelihood of limited parking spaces may force you to park in an area that you normally wouldn’t seek out.

If you find yourself in this situation, try to park in an open space if one is available, rather than on a busy street where you run the risk of windshield damage from flying rocks from cars passing by all day. Or if the weather conditions are expected to be full of rain, wind, or snow, try to park where your windshield won’t be damaged by fallen tree branches or other debris.

Tip #3. Be aware of your surroundings during outdoor activities. 🏈⚾️🥏

Thanksgiving often involves some competitive (umm, I mean quality) family time doing outdoor activities and games like flag football, baseball, and ultimate frisbee, just to name a few. Any outdoor activities that involve “flying objects” have the potential of causing some extensive windshield damage so be aware of your surroundings. It’s all fun and games until someone’s windshield cracks. So, be sure to keep the fun at a safe distance from your vehicle.

Will you be driving this Thanksgiving?

Keep these Top 3 Tips on Windshield Safety during the holiday in mind when you are planning your trip. We hope you have a wonderful Thanksgiving!

🦃 A Thanksgiving full of turkey and all the fixings.

🥰 A Thanksgiving full of quality time with family and friends.

🫶🏽 A Thanksgiving full of memories to last a lifetime.

And of course…

🤩 A Thanksgiving full of windshields that remain undamaged, unchipped, and uncracked.

And if you do end up with a baseball through your windshield, don’t worry. Auto Glass 2020 is here for you. Call us at (480) 283-7751 or get a quote here for any and all of your windshield repair and windshield replacement needs.