Smooth Sailing: What to Expect During a Mobile Windshield Replacement in Chandler, AZ.

Hey there, Chandler, Arizona, and all you road warriors in the greater Phoenix area! If you’re facing a cracked windshield, you’re in the right place. At Auto Glass 2020, we’ve got your back, and we’re here to walk you through what to expect during a mobile windshield replacement. Sit back, relax, and let’s get your ride back to its crystal-clear best.

Scheduling Your Appointment.

The first step is reaching out to our friendly team to schedule your mobile windshield replacement. You can call Auto Glass 2020 at (480) 283-7751 or get a quote here – we service the entire Phoenix area, so we’ve got you covered no matter where you are.

On-Site Inspection.

On the scheduled day, our expert technician will arrive at your location. They’ll inspect your windshield to determine whether it needs a windshield repair or replacement. If it’s the latter, they’ll proceed with the windshield replacement.

Removal of the Old Windshield.

Our technician will carefully remove the damaged windshield using specialized tools. This process needs to be precise to avoid any damage to your vehicle’s frame or interior. So, it’s important you choose a reputable auto glass company. Looking for one?! Auto Glass 2020 only hires the best technicians who are straight up experts at what they do! 🤗

Quality Replacement Glass.

We use high-quality, OEM (Original Equipment Manufacturer) or equivalent glass for windshield replacements. This ensures a perfect fit and durable windshield. It’s like giving your car a new pair of glasses!

Clean and Prep.

Before installing the new windshield, our technician will clean and prepare the frame thoroughly. This step is crucial for a secure bond.


The new windshield is placed carefully, and a high-quality adhesive is used to ensure a strong, secure fit. Our technicians follow industry standards to make sure your windshield is installed correctly.

Cure Time.

After installation, there’s a curing period during which the adhesive sets and bonds with the vehicle. Your technician will provide you with guidance on when it’s safe to drive your vehicle after windshield replacement.

Final Inspection.

Before they wrap up the windshield replacement job, our technician will conduct a final inspection to ensure everything looks perfect. They’ll clean up any mess and leave your vehicle looking as good as new.

Calibration (If Applicable).

In some modern vehicles, especially those equipped with Advanced Driver Assistance Systems (ADAS), the windshield plays a crucial role in the functioning of features like lane departure warning and adaptive cruise control. After your new windshield is installed, our technician may need to perform calibration procedures to ensure that these ADAS systems function correctly. This step is essential for maintaining your vehicle’s safety features and is part of our commitment to comprehensive windshield replacement services in Chandler, AZ. At Auto Glass 2020, we understand the importance of not just replacing your windshield but also ensuring that all aspects of your vehicle’s safety and functionality are maintained. So, rest assured, if calibration is required for your vehicle, our experts will handle it with precision and care. Your safety on the road is our top priority.

Enjoy Your Ride.

Once the windshield replacement is complete, you’re good to go! Your vehicle’s structural integrity is restored, and you can drive with peace of mind.

There you have it, folks! At Auto Glass 2020, we’re all about making your life easier, even when you’re dealing with a cracked windshield. We hope this rundown of what to expect during a mobile windshield replacement in Chandler, AZ, helps put your mind at ease. Remember, if you ever find yourself in need of expert windshield replacement or repair services in the Phoenix area, just give Auto Glass 2020 a call at (480) 283-7751. We’re here to keep your ride safe and your vision clear. Drive on, Chandler!