Windshield Damage:

“Stranger Things” Edition

It seems like streaming services have become so mainstream that I think you’d be hard-pressed to find a household without at least one streaming service. One of the first ones to come out (and probably one of the most popular) was Netflix. Netflix releases new shows almost on a weekly basis and one series, “Stranger Things,” has almost a cult-like following. What does Netflix or the series “Stranger Things” have to do with windshields? Well, let’s be real, probably not a whole lot, but strange things do happen every day, and yes, sometimes it involves a windshield!

We all know that there are a few things that cause the most windshield damage: rocks, gravel, debris from the roadway, and of course motor vehicle accidents. But there are also a number of things that can cause extensive windshield damage, that although rare, dare I say strange, can still happen. And we want YOU to know about them. Why? Because windshields are key to overall car safety!

Parts From Other Vehicles: Wheels, Tires, and Axles. Oh my!

Our vehicles are put through a lot that is mitigated by the environment we drive in and our driving habits. Whether it be that hour-long commute back and forth between work and home that involves fast speeds on the highway, or driving through the desert where there are pot-holes, cacti, and other “desert-y” things galore. Driving our vehicles in these conditions can cause normal, and not-so-normal, wear-and-tear on our cars, which can often lead to parts coming loose. We see a lot of this with commercial vehicles, semi-trucks, and construction vehicles that put in hard miles on a daily basis. They are constructed with heavy-duty parts, that if come loose, can cause some heavy-duty windshield damage.

In Arizona, a common thing to see on the side (and often the middle) of the road are wheels. Not only can the lug nuts come loose, causing the wheel to fall off, but our hot Arizona summers are especially hard on our tires and blow-outs happen all the time. If you’re driving down the road behind that car, there’s a good chance it causes windshield damage. There’s even been instances of wheels falling off with the axle still attached! Yup, that can cause some major windshield damage.

Parts From Other Vehicles: Even MORE!

Keeping with the theme, there are even “stranger” car parts that have been known to cause windshield damage. The tow hitch is a metal attachment that can weight up to 25 lbs. and is only held in place by a small metal pin. If this pin is not properly placed, falls out, or gets loosened from normal wear-and-tear, it’s solid steel make-up is sure to do some serious windshield damage. Other car parts that can damage your windshield include brake drums and leaf spring suspensions.

Hauling Materials.

We’ve all been behind that pickup truck where the bed is stacked with so many random items that it must have been like solving a puzzle to get it all to fit. Or that landscaping vehicle with the trailer overflowing with tree branches from the crazy monsoon and wind storms we’ve been having recently. Or the car that has multiple household items strapped to the top of their vehicle with hardly a Bungee cord in sight. These hauling materials, if not secured properly, can act as almost a spear, often heading straight towards your windshield.

Stranger Things.

It may have happened to you, or a friend of a friend, or a story you saw on the Internet, but even stranger things have been known to cause windshield damage. Sometimes these strange objects cause windshield damage because of pranksters who think it’s “funny” to throw things out their window and see what happens. From gallon jugs to pumpkins on Halloween, there have been some strange things that have caused substantial windshield damage. Sometimes it’s more innocent. We’ve all left that drink on the top of our vehicle, or forgot that we put the bag of groceries on the top of the car while strapping the kids in. Mistakes happen, but these kinds of innocent mistakes, can still cause chipped and cracked windshields. Random tools like wrenches, hammers, and axes, and even stranger items like dumbbells, porcelain toilets, and kayak oars, have been known to cause windshield damage. Strange, right?!

Chipped or Cracked Windshield?

Whether you got your chipped or cracked windshield from more common causes such as rocks or gravel, or you were one of the unfortunate ones to sustain windshield damage from that darn tire blow-out that happened on your commute this morning – we’ve got you! Auto Glass 2020 has the best technicians in town to expertly repair or replace your windshield no matter what strange thing caused the damage. Call us today at (480) 283-7751 or get a quote here! Our technicians can come to you for mobile windshield repair or you can come to us for in-shop windshield repair – whatever works best for YOU!! And if you have any strange stories about things that have caused windshield damage, we’d LOVE to hear it!