Windshields & Weather: The COLD! 🥶

The last couple weeks in Phoenix has proven itself to be a pretty chilly January! It’s that time of the year where everyone is getting out all of their extra sheets and blankets so their outside plants don’t freeze at night! If you’re from the East Coast or up North, you may be shaking your head in disbelief, but if you’re from the Valley, well, it’s pretty dang cold!

While we think it’s great that you are taking such good care of your outdoor landscaping to make sure they live to see another winter, we don’t want you to forget about your windshields during this cold winter either because we all know the vital role windshields play in overall vehicle safety!

As our winter weather rolls through Phoenix and surrounding areas, it’s important to be aware of the potential impact winter weather can have on your car’s windshield. Cold temperatures, ice, and snow can all lead to windshield damage, and it’s important to take steps to protect and maintain your windshield to minimize the risk of damage.


🌡 Winter Windshield Damage: Temperature Changes.

One of the most common types of windshield damage in winter is the formation of chips or cracks due to extreme temperature changes. When the temperature outside drops significantly, the auto glass in your windshield can contract, causing small cracks to form. These cracks can then become larger and more difficult to repair as the temperature fluctuates.

To help prevent these types of windshield cracks from forming, it’s important to keep your vehicle’s interior warm and try to avoid sudden temperature changes. This means keeping the heat on low while you’re driving and avoiding using the defroster on high blast.

❄️ Winter Windshield Damage: Snow & Ice.

Another issue to be aware of in the winter is the risk of windshield damage from snow and ice. When snow and ice accumulate on your windshield, it can put extra strain on the glass and potentially cause it to crack or break. To help prevent this, be sure to clear off any snow or ice from your windshield before driving, and take extra care when using a scraper or brush to avoid applying too much pressure to the auto glass.

🚘 Repairing Winter Windshield Damage.

So, you got some windshield damage from your trip up to Flagstaff after their latest snow dump. Now what?! Well, first of all, no worries! Auto Glass 2020 can fix it!

However, it’s worth noting that if you do experience windshield damage in the winter, it may be more difficult to get it repaired due to the cold temperatures. The cold weather can sometimes make bonding the resin used in repairs harder, so it can be a bit of a “sticky” situation (pun intended 🤣)!

Of course, this doesn’t mean that we don’t want you driving up North to play in the snow or enjoy driving around in this winter weather. It just means that we want you to be aware of the potential impact that winter weather can have on your windshield and take steps to protect it. By following the tips outlined above, you can help minimize the risk of windshield damage and ensure that your windshield stays in good condition throughout the winter months.

And one more tip! If you road trip it up North often in the winter, double check to make sure your auto insurance policy includes comprehensive coverage. You (and your wallet 🤑) will thank us later!

And if you just got back from Northern Arizona recently and noticed a chipped or cracked windshield from too much fun in the snow, have no fear! Auto Glass 2020 can get your cracked windshield repaired or replaced ASAP so you are ready for your next road trip up North! Call Auto Glass 2020 today at (480) 283-7751 or get a quote here!