Look, we’re not the police and we’re not gonna tell on you for driving around Phoenix with a cracked windshield. But hey, you should know that windshield repair and replacement service is really right around the corner. There’s really no excuse for not getting that thing fixed. 

In virtually all areas of the great Phoenix valley, there are technicians ready to show up to your home or office in as little as a day’s notice. They’re fast, they’re experts and they are affordable. So, really the only reason you can’t drive with a cracked windshield in Arizona is because it’s just smarter to get it fixed with Auto Glass 2020!

The heat and monsoon moisture can accelerate this. Often they start as just little pieces of the “spiderweb” and before you know it, your windshield is totally fractured. The best tip we can give Arizona drivers that have a small chip in their windshield is to get it fixed this week (hey, even today if you call now), because that thing can likely grow into a larger crack overnight. Why worry? Call Auto Glass 2020.