Why fixing a broken windshield is important:

Even though it may look like just a large hunk of glass put at the front of your car, a windshield actually an incredibly vital component of the car and is carefully crafted to fit just right and add extra safety measures just for you. In fact, the windshield and its integrity is so important, that even the most minor of looking cracks or chips could put your safety at risk. Many people wonder why it is so important to get a windshield fixed ASAP even when all they have is a small crack or chip that you can barely see. Well, it may be a small crack or the tiniest of chips that you see, but it poses hidden red flags that can be incredibly dangerous and financially destructive if the windshield is not fixed immediately.

Below are just a few of the things that can happen if you don’t fix your windshield as soon as you notice a crack or chip.

The smallest of chips can grow quickly.

Even a tiny chip adds changes of pressure to a windshield which means it can grow and turn into a full on crack, or “spider-web” of cracks at literally any time. If the crack(s) get too large, they become unrepairable and will lead you to having to change out your windshield altogether which makes the repair that much more costly, especially if your insurance does not cover all or part of the repairs. Fixing the small cracks or chips as soon as you see them will save you time and give your wallet a break!

You can’t see clearly now!

This may be able to go unmentioned, but here we are. Even a small crack in front of your eyes can obscure your vision and make it harder to see your surroundings the way you should. The larger you let the issue get, the worse your vision will be and the more likely you are to get into an accident. Repairs really don’t hurt your wallet that much Repairing your windshield is actually very fast to have done and fairly inexpensive, and sometimes even free with certain car insurance. Professional companies can come to where you are with all of their tools and experience and get your windshield fixed the right way and very quickly. When you only have a small chip or crack, it typically takes only 10-15 minutes for repairs to be done and you be safely on the road again. Before paying out of pocket, be sure to check with your insurance and see if you have to pay a penny out of pocket.

Don’t get unnecessary tickets!

If you are driving around with a penny size crack, there is very little likelihood of getting pulled over by the cops. However, if you don’t get it taken care of and allow the problem to grow (literally) you are opening yourself up to getting an unnecessary ticket. A large crack can obstruct your view which is against the law in most states. Anything larger than a small chip or a crack longer than 1-2 inches could open you up to a pricey ticket.

Bottom line is that your windshield is an important component of your car and it is up to you to take care of it. It provides extra strength to the car and most importantly, is there to keep you safe from the elements, the road, and protects you should you get into an accident. Keep yourself safe, take the time out of your day and take care of that crack in your windshield!

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