The windshield is an important part of the car. It provides two major benefits, such as – critical protection to travelers and vehicle support. However, if your vehicle needs windshield repair, it may become a big risk instead of safety. Therefore, if your windshield is critically damaged, you need to choose a replacement option.

Windshield Replacement Near Me

Types of Windshield Damage You Cannot and Can Afford to Ignore

Sometimes, vehicle owners start ignoring the windshield damages because of low-budget issues. However, there are some serious damages or conditions regarding the windshield, which you should not ignore. This blog will help you to introduce these conditions and some major safety tips.

Windshield Damages You Cannot Ignore

Edge Cracks

Whenever a windshield faces high pressure, complete weight shifts to the edge, and in harsh conditions, edges may end up with some cracks. In case the edge gets crack, even a small one, it can start increasing whenever the windshield faces pressure. With the increasing size of the crack, your windshield will start becoming weaker. However, it can get extended up to 10 to 12 inches with ease.

After this length, a little pressure can put your windshield in worse conditions. In case your windshield has a small edge crack, you should not ignore it. Instead, you should find car glass repair services and get it fixed immediately. Otherwise, you need to go for a replacement option, which can be more pressurizing financially.

Bullseye Crack

Bullseye cracks are also very common. Generally, these types of cracks occur due to the hard and high-pressure impact on a single point of windshield. As a result of pressure, the windshield gets a circular crack like a dartboard bullseye. Here, the size of the object that hits does not matter. The thing that matters, the pressure and impact.

  •       Crack within the diameter of 1 inch
  •       Debris and dirt don’t fill or available in the crack  
  •       Crack is away from driver’s viewpoints

If your glass crack is under these conditions, you can take a chance of getting it repaired. However, if your crack is neglecting one of these factors, the repair option is completely unavailable. You also should not ignore such crack; if you do, it may start increasing and creating glass chips with time. Therefore, whatever solution is suitable for your windshield, you should do it immediately. Otherwise, you may face some serious problems while driving a vehicle with a damaged windshield.


If your car’s windshield gets hit by a rock or anything hard or bigger, the chances of getting a chip are higher. Car windshields with a small chip can be repaired by covering the space and stabilizing it. In case of bigger and numerous chips, there is no option of repair. Chips at a higher level weaken the condition and structure of the windshield that may take it completely down with a little bit of pressure. In these conditions, it is wise to hire the best services for windshield replacement near me.

Star Breaks

If you get a crack on the windshield that contains small tentacle cracks in the surroundings of the center point, it is star breaks condition. With these types of damages, your windshield will not be more vulnerable to collapse or other serious problems in the beginning. However, in case you ignore the damage and keep it untreated, it will start affecting the condition more. You should hire the best windshield repair services to quickly get the work done and kick out all types of problems.

Floater Cracks

Floater cracks are highly like edge cracks. The difference is, edge cracks affect the windshield near the perimeter and floater cracks appear far from edges, at least 2 inches. At once, your windshield gets affected with floater crack; you should consider auto glass replacement and repair services as fast as possible. Otherwise, your car glass starts getting vulnerable day by day. These types of cracks can easily get extended with major changes or fluctuations in the temperature. However, if the floater crack is small and does not affect any major area, it can be repaired as well.

Combination Damage

All individuals use their cars for years. Many have original windshields from the very first time. An old windshield is highly vulnerable to damages. If you pass through a construction zone with such an old windshield, it can lead to any kind of damage, such as – bullseye, stars, cracks, and chips.

These are some major damages that you cannot ignore. If you think there is something that you can take carelessly, you are wrong. Any kind of damage to the windshield is not good. You should try to hire the best windshield and car window replacement services only.