Have a Tinted Windshield? What to do if it gets damaged.

Even people who have never been to Arizona know one thing. Arizona is HOT. Like very, very HOT. And the inside of a vehicle and the windshield during Arizona summers gets even hotter. One way to combat the scathing heat of your car interior is to tint your windshield. If you take a drive down any road in Arizona, you will see the majority of vehicles with varying degrees of tinting on their windshields and windows. This is all just fine and dandy, until “CRACK!!” – rock to the windshield! And now your beautifully, tinted windshield is a damaged, tinted windshield. Does having a tinted windshield make windshield repair or windshield replacement more difficult? Read below to find out!


Chipped or Cracked Tinted Windshield – FAQs.

Common questions that many people have when their tinted windshield gets a chip or crack include:

  • What happens to the tinting on my windshield if it gets damaged?
  • Can my windshield be repaired while keeping the tint intact?
  • Will I have to completely replace my windshield and redo the entire tinting process?

Chipped or Cracked Tinted Windshield – Now What?

As with all windshield repair or windshield replacement, any damage to your windshield, tinted or not, should be evaluated as soon as possible. It’s not just for cosmetic reasons, but windshield damage can have a direct impact on the vehicle’s operational safety. If your tinted windshield gets damaged, the longer you let it remain damaged, the more likely the tint surrounding the chip or crack will start to loosen and peel away from the auto glass. This delay in windshield repair may make a complete windshield replacement the only option.

Chipped or Cracked Tinted Windshield – How does this affect the Auto Glass Repair process?

Similar to non-tinted windshield repair, small chips or cracks on your tinted windshield can typically be repaired, but again, this all depends on the severity of the damage (location, size, and depth of the chip or crack on the windshield).If repair is a good option for your tinted windshield, the process is very similar to typical windshield repair with just a couple extra steps:

  • The tint surrounding the auto glass damage will be gently removed to allow proper access to the damaged area to fully repair the damage. Remember, safety first!!
  • The auto glass technician will thoroughly clean the damaged area, not just to get rid of the debris in the chip or crack, but to also allow the tint film to be reapplied in a way that makes it cosmetically indistinguishable from the original tinting.
  • The auto glass technician will inject a liquid resin filler into the chip or crack to seal the damaged auto glass.
  • Once the resin has set in and fully dried, new tinting film will be reapplied to the area.

Auto Glass 2020 Can Help!

Whether you have a non-tinted windshield or a tinted windshield, we’ve got you! Auto Glass 2020 has the BEST technicians, the BEST incentives, and the BEST customers in town! Chipped or cracked windshield, call us TODAY at (480) 283-7751 or get your quote here! We will get your windshield back to doing what it does best – keeping you safe, seeing clearly, and if it’s tinted – protecting you from that world-renowned Arizona heat!