Phoenix Windshield Replacement Using Insurance Coverage: The Best and Worst


Phoenix Windshield replacement and chip repair: Explained

Phoenix windshield replacement and repair is necessary to the safety of valley residents. Phoenix has its unique challenges to the roadways and neighborhoods that make auto glass repair a routine service for most drivers. In this article, we break down what it is, specifically, about Phoenix Arizona that makes for such hazardous conditions for our windshields. Your windshield is your face and eyes on the road, and Chandler, Gilbert, really any where in the valley can wreak havoc on them. Also in this article, we’ll go over the Top 5 insurance questions we get here at the shop.

Some people get overwhelmed at the idea of contacting their insurance for a windshield replacement service, but we take the guesswork out of it. The last section of this article will explain the differences between the insurance supplied windshield replacement in Phoenix, and the non-insurance scenario. Both scenarios are common here in the valley of the sun. We’ll help you choose your next steps, and take some of the mystery out of repairing or replacement of your windshield.

Below are the top five reasons that windshield replacement in Arizona is so popular. There are a ton of factors that go into this, but these are the main reasons we get called out to homes and offices every day to work on cars and trucks.

Top 5 Reasons Windshield Repair in Phoenix Arizona is so Popular

1. Windshield replacement comes after monsoon activity and other unique desert weather events
2. Repairing auto glass is common because there are developments popping up all over the place, and where there are construction sites, there are hazards
3. Trucks! There are tons of semi trucks out here on the roads from Chandler to Glendale, Arizona, making their way through interstate 10 on their way to the coast
4. RV windshield repair. RV windshield repair is a big percentage of phoenix auto glass repairs, mainly because there’s so many people with adventurous spirits out here, and want to take the family on vacations. To do so, they need windshields that are pristine!
5. Auto glass in Chandler, Arizona is exploding. This reason could even be called “The East Valley” – With all the growth of this area, our shop just generally sees more customers (and once they come once, we’re their choice for life LOL)

Now let’s talk about windshield replacement insurance. We have experience with every single insurance company out there, and we want to help break it down for you. A lot of times, people get confused. They get angry. They feel dumb when they can’t get a straight answer online about what to do. There’s a big old crack in their windshield and they don’t know how to replace it. Nine times out of ten they’ve been driving on the 202 or one of the other freeways here in Arizona. Then, BAM! A big ol rock or other hazard pops up and cracks their windscreen. They have a brand new headache to deal with.

This is how to get your windshield replaced or repaired by experts, either through insurance or on your own.

Understanding Phoenix Arizona Windshield Replacement by Insurance

1. Know your insurance: USAA, State Farm, Geico, Progressive – we hear them all. And all of them have an add-on to their insurance plans. They call it different things, but they have a part of their insurance package that pays to get your windshield fixed.
2. Check your coverage in Phoenix, Arizona: Auto glass fixes are an every day occurrence for most larger insurance companies, so the next thing to do is log into your account and check the details of your auto glass windshield coverage within the state of Arizona
3. Call a windshield replacement company in Phoenix, Arizona. May we suggest Auto Glass 2020, since it is one of the (LINK) best rated auto glass company in Phoenix.
4. This is the easy part: Let the Phoenix Auto Glass company do all the work. The windshield experts at the office call center will make it easy for you to get your car, truck, RV or other vehicle back on the road. They honestly do the calling, the talking, the paperwork, the follow up, and more.
5. Get Arizona windshield service to your doorstep. This is the fun part. There is literally a ton of effort that goes into making the replacement super fluid and super easy on you. You are the reason we love the work here at this auto glass shop. Allow the great customer service reps to get your appointment scheduled, and get your vehicle done quick, and safely.

Helpful hint:

When deciding between doing your windshield fix through insurance or through your own pay, you should call. Any time, Any day. Auto glass experts are ready to walk you through this without you having to be searching online for hours about how to get my windshield replaced in Phoenix. We have plenty of customers in Chandler area that have insurance for their vehicle and can get their windshield changed out for no cost to them. On the other hand, we have plenty of customers who want auto glass fixes just paid simply out of pocket. The one thing to make sure is that deductible won’t go up with your insurance carrier. But that is super rare. The no fault part of insurance plans means that most customers in Arizona get windshields fixed for free! The company does not consider it a fault on the customer to have their windshield cracked.

Windshield chip repair can often be done at a much faster pace than full windshield replacement. There is a Chandler-based tech and Phoenix-based tech that can stop by vehicles all over the valley at the drop of a dime to get the chips repaired on your vehicle. When you call in to describe the chip on your windshield, it’s helpful to note the approximate size of the chip. Often the best way to measure this is by citing some kind of object. Some of the common things we hear when customers call for auto glass chip repair are:

– Dime sized windshield chip: 0.705 inches
– Quarter sized windshield chip: 0.955
– Half-dollar sized windshield chip: 1.205 inches
– Penny-sized windshield chip: 0.750 inches
– Nickel-sized windshield chip: 0.835 inches
– Golfball-sized windshield chip: 1.680 inches

These are the typical kinds of calls the windshield shop gets from customers here in the Phoenix area. Now there is a cutoff that exists for different makes and models of windshield. Depending on the size, the placement, and the kind of vehicle, there may have to be a full windshield replacement instead of just a chip repair. Resin can only do so much. Many times, there are more than one chip too. When this happens, it becomes even more likely that the windshield will need to be totally replaced. It’s much safer to have a fully restored windshield than one that has too many chips in it. Even a couple chips in the wrong place can make for shifty results and low performance of a windshield. If you find yourself questioning whether you need a full replacement or just chip repair, any auto glass shop can walk you through it.

At Auto Glass 2020 for instance, we get customers all the time calling with crack or chip measurements. A lot of times, we need to actually jump on Apple FaceTime or Android video calling. When we have this awesome new technology, we’re in a much better spot to diagnose the issue. Customers can feel free to show us the chips and cracks on their vehicle so we can help them know which chips really matter, and which can be ignored, or which need to be fixed with expert care. And then, yes sometimes we need to actually replace the whole windshield instead of fixing chips.

Windshield replacement for Phoenix residents is really made so much easier FaceTime or other video calling service. Customers that come to our shop in Chandler always say how fast and easy the repair is here. But a lot of that starts with the customer. The customer can really help move the job along with their attention to detail and the information they send to the auto glass shop. Often there is a lot that can be determined before they even get scheduled.

So now you know! Replacing a windshield with insurance doesn’t have to be a huge pain. There’s a lot that goes into getting a new pretty sheet of glass on your pretty ride! But you don’t have to care about that too much. When all is said and done, there’s really only one call you need to make. Call Auto Glass 2020 for windshield replacement near you in Phoenix, Arizona.

We install windshields for Phoenix customers.

It’s just what we do. Every day, we’re replacing windshields. There is a lot that goes into the expertise here at the shop. If you have any other questions about replacing your windshield through insurance in Arizona, or paying out of pocket, please call.

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