Let’s play a little game! I want you to close your eyes and imagine walking into a car dealership. The car salesman approaches and asks you what you are looking for in your new car. What do you say?

Everyone may answer this question a little differently, but it likely falls under one of the following 3 categories: car appearance, car performance, and driver-assistance features.

Maybe you are looking for your car to look a certain way, whether it be the exterior color, interior color or material, or a specific make and model. Someone else may be looking for how well the car performs, whether it be efficiency, AWD option, gas mileage, horsepower, or handling. And another person may be more focused on driver-assistance features such as collision avoidance systems, adaptive cruise control, automatic breaking, ability to connect smart phones for hands-free dialing, etc.

A recent study of automobile buyers simplified this even more and concluded that there are 2 critical factors that influence car-buying decisions in the United States – (1) product excellence and (2) cost of ownership.

Read that again. Nowhere is windshield mentioned at all. In fact, a car’s windshield is likely not even considered or given much thought at all when buying a car. However, the role of the windshield serves multiple functions, some of which you may know, but others may surprise you.

Windshields are a Visual aid.

The windshield provides clear, unobstructed view of the roads ahead.

Windshields are a Protective shield.

The windshield serves as a physical barrier, protecting the occupants from dust, stones, debris, rain, and bugs. Furthermore, the glass is made of material that also helps block harmful UV rays.

Windshields are a Fundamental safety unit.

The windshield works as a supportive beam that significantly contributes to the structural strength of the car roof. What does this mean? Well, if you are involved in an accident, the windshield lends up to 60% of the structural integrity of the car in the event of a rollover and up to 45% in the event of a front end collision. The windshield is integral to helping to prevent the car roof from caving in and collapsing on you and your loved ones.

Windshields help with the Proper deployment of airbags.

The windshield acts as the backstop for airbags to inflate towards the occupants. Without windshields to absorb the impact of the airbags, they will not work efficiently and can malfunction.

Windshield replacements (and getting the best windshield replacements) are so important. Windshields may not be the first thing you think of when buying a new car, but windshields should be at the top of your list when thinking of maintaining that car. So while some cracks or chips may appear small and insignificant, they can slowly chip away [pun intended 😉 ] at the protection it can provide you and your loved ones. No one plans to get in a car accident, but if you keep your windshield in top-notch condition, the protective safety function will be operating at 100% and can be vital in safeguarding you and your loved ones from potential harm or injury.

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